Tina Randolph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, Washington. She creates compelling environments and artwork for clients and collectors in public and private spaces and collections. Randolph's work has contributed immeasurably to the vibrant art and design movement in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Her architectural plaster and cement finishes and large scale murals enliven the area’s most intriguing restaurants and bars. Numerous solo shows as well as private commissions have given collectors access to mixed media painting throughout her 25 year career.

Old world materials manifest the heart of Seattle based artist Tina Randolph’s work.

“I am guided by what ancient artistic mediums can be when translated by my mad methods.

I have been playing with the white mud of plaster for over 20 years, creating intricate designs through pigments and layers, through patterns and relief.  While, wax and gold leaf have captivated me for over a decade… really my whole life.

These are old world materials. They are ancient and precious. They are malleable. With a torch, flame and applied heat, I melt and seduce them into surfaces that define my work.

With color and pattern new depths are discovered, imaginary landscapes that exist only through the layering of wax melted into plaster tinted and gilded with silver and gold leaf.

Through stencils I find containment, which allows for even broader creativity.

I don’t plot and plan, I follow instinctively. I enter into the process and let the process guide the work. I don’t push, I surrender to the pull.

This is my first solo show in a decade.  Opening on my 50th birthday, one could say a lot has built up to this.  Ample self-expectations and an earnest desire to create and succeed.  More than anything, I feel gratitude.  I feel such powerful gratefulness that I am still producing work.  That I am here expressing beauty and experiencing it every day.  My “day job” keeps me smelling of sweet bee’s wax and resin.  My “office” is cradled in plaster and sprinkled with its dust.  Gold leaf flakes drift across the floor, catch me at the ankles and nestle in the pockets of my sweater. Blue tape clings to the bottom of my shoes.

This is what I do for beauty…..For the love of heat.”