October 2016: Veils

Rob Katkowski


Mountains aren’t real when you’re on them.  That’s because mountains aren’t meant to be on, they’re only real from a distance looking out at them.  Only through looking may you experience the reality of a mountain.  Even when I’m looking at a mountain I feel something strange that’s not awe or wonder, but something like terror and confusion, or maybe disbelief.  Something’s not right.  I’m still not convinced it’s there.  Maybe it’s an illusion.

These absurd thoughts are what brought these paintings to life.  How would it feel if the largest things on earth were fake?  Are mountains merely a barrier?  What secrets could be hiding behind them if you could see?  Possible doorways to other worlds?  Towers that lead to unseen waters?  My paintings try to communicate some of the bizarre thoughts mentioned above by transporting viewers to an alternate reality of strange color, pattern, and texture.

September 2016: Ecology of Three Wise Men

Hickory Mertsching, Baso Fibonacci, Ethan Jack Harrington

"Ecology of Three Wise Men"

Artifact gallery is excited to present "Ecology of Three Wise Men", a group show featuring Pacific Northwest artists Hickory Mertsching, Baso Fibonacci, and Ethan Jack Harrington.

These three gents paint environments: landscapes, city scenes, and wildlife, relating the experience of man and beast to their physical surroundings.

Each artistic voice reads as a personal narrative, revealing something of the artists’ perspective on what it means to exist.




August 2016: Luxury of Poverty

John Sarkis

"Luxury of Poverty"

Ive abandoned my city.
But i dream about it.

Ive been working on vacation.
Serving to the masses.
Ive come up with a few good ideas
In a redundant state of constant change.

Ive been Thinking of you.
Ive been trying to stay persistent
With my exaggerated slang.

Living in an existential meltdown.
Its the alcohol talking, no its the boredom, its the late shifts, imagination takes flight, inflated infatuation with repeated illustrations, embedded in my brain.
Its my ego.
Come over for dinner, i will paint you a picture.

Im lost in translation.
Im a slurred word for vocab.

Its an anomaly.
Its just an excuse to talk dirty.
How many times can i dance to this song.
Ive been waiting for someone to tell me to turn it down.

How long will you allow me to scribble like an adolescent?
GrAffiti is the new facebook.
Turn the TV off.

There is no history lesson

Bring back the tramp stamp
So i have something to look at

So many Thoughts scattered
In hells kitchen.
Staggering from one celebration of oblivion to another
If my body is my temple
I'll have spraypaint for breakfast
And punchlines for dinner

Living in the luxury of poverty
Give me all the boos and all the food
Just come over for dinner

I'll be wAiting for you.

July 2016:  Power Clash

Maria Rose Adams, Ayumi Takahashi, Katie Batten, Elizabeth Gahan, Ryan Weatherly, Adam Friedman, Reed Brudge, & Casey Scalf (Sensebellum)

"Power Clash" 

“Power Clash” features the work of eight artists who create mood through geometric explorations matched with organic motifs.

Guided by shape and driven by pattern, the colorful and sometimes loud compositions pack in stimulating visual content that reflects each artist’s experience with place and identity.  In many cases bending the rules of perspective, distance and light to influence the relationship between the viewer and the emotion created by the moment.   

Color-filled Interior and exterior environments composed of precise geometric forms are contrasted with gestural organic elements, together forming a playful and moody Power Clash.

June 2016: Tools of the Trade

Joe Shlichta

"Tools of the Trade"

Artifact Gallery is pleased to present Seattle artist Joe Shlichta’s solo exhibition, ‘Tools of the Trade’, opening June 2.  This is a series of ten oil paintings, ranging from small to mid-sized works. Created in the last ten months, we are thrilled to be able to show this latest work.

This series was inspired by industrial work spaces in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Shlichta found fascination in the multitude of disordered tools and leftover parts of projects all crammed into a friend’s shop. The shapes and arrangements of objects are purely utilitarian and have no claims to aesthetic appeal, but they became the genesis for this body of work.

May 2016:  American Majestic

Jesse Link

"American Majestic"

 “American Majestic” continues the tradition of Link’s anthropomorphic animals, embellished with flowers, bells, tools, and other adornments... this time, channeling the spirit of American Pioneers.      

April 2016: Human Nature

Eric Nez, Michelle Anderst, Craig Cundiff, Lauren Olsen, Burgandy Viscosi & SIENNA

"Human Nature"

Artifact Gallery in association with Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival are pleased to showcase seven influential artists from the west coast music festival scene.  This will be the gallery’s first show of 2016, and the first showing for each of these established PNW artists at Artifact.

With oil, acrylic and airbrush on canvas and panel, each artist in this group show taps into the connection between human essence, physicality and our intrinsic connection with the life-force of nature.

Please join us April 7th for our opening reception, which includes performances by Down Temple and Tea Service by Omar.


CASCADIA NW Arts & Music Festival /// Join Starborne Shows on July 21-24th for three days of music, art, performances, vending, workshops and camping in Granite Falls, WA.  More info at www.CascadiaNW.com

November 2015: For the Love of Heat

Tina Randolph

"For the love of heat"

Tina Randolph is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, Washington. She creates compelling environments and artwork for clients and collectors in public and private spaces and collections. Randolph's work has contributed immeasurably to the vibrant art and design movement in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Her architectural plaster and cement finishes and large scale murals enliven the area’s most intriguing restaurants and bars. Numerous solo shows as well as private commissions have given collectors access to mixed media painting throughout her 25 year career.

Old world materials manifest the heart of Seattle based artist Tina Randolph’s work.

“I am guided by what ancient artistic mediums can be when translated by my mad methods.

I have been playing with the white mud of plaster for over 20 years, creating intricate designs through pigments and layers, through patterns and relief.  While, wax and gold leaf have captivated me for over a decade… really my whole life.

These are old world materials. They are ancient and precious. They are malleable. With a torch, flame and applied heat, I melt and seduce them into surfaces that define my work.

With color and pattern new depths are discovered, imaginary landscapes that exist only through the layering of wax melted into plaster tinted and gilded with silver and gold leaf.

Through stencils I find containment, which allows for even broader creativity.

I don’t plot and plan, I follow instinctively. I enter into the process and let the process guide the work. I don’t push, I surrender to the pull.

This is my first solo show in a decade.  Opening on my 50th birthday, one could say a lot has built up to this.  Ample self-expectations and an earnest desire to create and succeed.  More than anything, I feel gratitude.  I feel such powerful gratefulness that I am still producing work.  That I am here expressing beauty and experiencing it every day.  My “day job” keeps me smelling of sweet bee’s wax and resin.  My “office” is cradled in plaster and sprinkled with its dust.  Gold leaf flakes drift across the floor, catch me at the ankles and nestle in the pockets of my sweater. Blue tape clings to the bottom of my shoes.

This is what I do for beauty…..For the love of heat.”

September 2015: It's Been A Long Summer

John Sarkis

"It’s Been A Long Summer"

...is documentation through spray paint, acrylic, oil, house paint and varnish of summer 2015  as absorbed and filtered by Northwest artist John Sarkis.  

Capturing 3 short months spent soaking sun, lighting firecrackers, smelling flowers and dancing all night, Sarkis’ new work highlights the artist’s dissipation through bent truths and layers of paint.  Melting figures and tropical still lifes reveal Sarkis as observer and participant.


September 3rd - 27th

August 2015: Fueled Spirit


 "Fueled Spirit"

The Story Of Black Magic

The sensational history of “Black Magic” dates back to 1976 when the original owner, Alan Hilzer (then 19), purchased the car new for $5,456. 

While posted at Naval Air Station in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, people say Hilzer went to the voodoo doctor, where he made a deal in exchange for the fastest car in the Northwest.

Like many teens in the late 1970’s Hilzer was a fan of Smokey and the Bandit. Upon returning from his time in the South, Hilzer set out to find his dream car.  He decided on a 1977 stock-appearing, four speed-equipped Pontiac and from the smoke of the voodoo doctor’s offering rose Helen, his Trans Am. 

Soon Hilzer started racing the car locally at the Spokane County Race Track, where Helen became known as “Black Magic.”  Helen seemed unbeatable and Hilzer soon gathered several sponsors.  He still holds the NHRA stock record at SCRT for running a 10.92 at 118 mph ¼ mile as well as 16 other local track records.

But on May 18th, 1980, Hilzer broke his deal by refusing to race against an undefeated opponent. Those present that day say that as soon as he refused to race, Mt. St. Helens erupted in ash and fire. 

Felling this disaster was his fault, Alan immediately jumped in the car and started rescuing people from the destruction.  Ultimately, Helen sucked up so much ash that the motor blew…his good deeds unable to save the car, her time as the fastest car in the Northwest came to an end.

Hilzer kept Black Magic in his barn for over 30 years until Seattle artist Duffyleg brought her back to life as the centerpiece of his Pop Art concept to create a 1:1 scale “model car kit” from a historic American automobile.

"Lightness" by Polina Tereshina

July 2015: Anything That Breathes

Polina Tereshina & Rob Katkowski

Anything That Breathes”

Beginning July 2nd, Artifact has the pleasure of hosting new oil, acrylic and ink paintings on canvas and paper by Seattle artists, Polina Tereshina and Rob Katkowski. 

"Threshold II" by Rob Katkowski

Having previously exhibited work in the Northeast and Southern United States, this will be the first gallery showing for Tereshina and Katkowski in the Pacific Northwest.

"Falling" by Tracy Boyd

June 2015:  Upshot

Tracy Boyd



Tracy Boyd uses defined brush movement, intense texture and scale in her new oil on canvas paintings.  Tracy’s background in design shows itself through strong graphical influence and an ability to create visual impact through calculated chance. She purposely composes and orchestrates paintings directly on the canvas with no advance preparation or sketching in an effort to authentically and organically interpret her subjects.

"le Cannibale" by Graham Vittum

May 2015: Full Swing

Graham Vittum & Joseph Brooks w/ Jesse link & Duffyleg

"Walter the Whale" by Joseph Brooks

April 2015: I Still Myth You

Ryan Henry Ward w/ Keegan O'Rourke

"Pray For Us Sinners" by Ryan Henry Ward

"Contained" by Keegan O'Rourke

"Edifice" by Joe Shlichta

February 2015 / Grand Opening:  Tributaries and Estuaries

Joe Shlichta w/ Hickory Mertsching, Bob Parks, Mr. Brainwash

"Clatsop County" by Hickory Mertsching