The murals of Seattle based artist Ryan “Henry” Ward can be seen brightening neighborhoods throughout Seattle, on the walls of homes and businesses, at parks, and cheering up hallways inside local schools.

Born on a farm in Montana, Ryan transplanted to the Pacific Northwest at the age of ten, growing up mainly in Enumclaw, Washington.  Ryan attended Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Washington University, where he constructed a degree program that mixed writing, art, and storytelling for children. 

Using a style of dream-like whimsical images, combining acrylic paint, chalk and oil, Ryan has painted over 180 murals in the city of Seattle, around the United States and in other countries.  

While perhaps best known for his murals, Ryan also has a large body of canvas work. 

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Ryan has spent time as a social worker, utilizing art therapy, partnering with and supporting non-profit causes, and donating proceeds of his work to fund art in public schools.

Throughout all of his endeavors Ryan and his work bring positive energy into the community.

Poseidon's Garden . acrylic on canvas . 10' x 5'

Pray For us Sinners . acrylic on canvas . 8' x 5'

Uprooted . acrylic on canvas . 30" x 40"

Wounded Healer . acrylic on panel (diptych) . 24" x 36"

Fish Goat Bird . acrylic on canvas . 9' x 3'

Pan's Nymphomania . acrylic on canvas . 10' x 5'

Tortoise Juggles Hares . acrylic on canvas . 30" x 40"

Without Death . acrylic on canvas . 30" x 40"

No Strife . acrylic on canvas . 5' x 8'