I started life in the mid 1920’s in Washington,  D. C. but I grew up on the beaches on the Gulf coast of Florida. After high school I served in the U.S.A.A.F. during World War 2, after which I attended Duke University. I went to work for the Boeing Company in 1950 and worked on all the jet programs from the B-52 to the 777, ending my career there in the preliminary design group.  After I retired, I returned twice to work on the advanced versions of the 747 and finally retired after a total of 48 years. Art has always been foremost in my interests. Having a father who was a prominent architect and artist certainly had a hand in that. Self taught, I have been painting for almost 40 years, concentrating on aviation subjects. This led to my working with author, Ernest Gann, to illustrate a book about the history of civil aviation. After that I was honored when the Smithsonian Institution asked me to prepare a painting for the opening of the Balloon and Airship wing in 1976. Now, landscapes, seascapes, and portraits have entered the picture along with the aviation subjects.

Boeing 367-80 (707 Prototype) . Oil on Panel . 48 x 22

Boeing KC 135 (Air Force) . Oil on Panel . 48 x 22


Boeing 757 (British Airways) . Oil on Panel . 48 x 22 (Sold)

Boing 707 (Pan American) Oil on Panel . 48 x 22

Biplane (sold) Prints available

Curtis Jenny