Andy Gregory is Northwest Axe Company.  Originally from Chicago, he grew up camping and scouting, where a love of woodsmanship formed in the woods of Wisconsin.  After graduating in 2002 with a BA in Ecological Studies, Andy earned a MA in Elementary Education in 2005.

Northwest Axe Company honors the rich history of American manufacturing by refurbishing and bringing new life to previously utilized tools, so that they may bring joy and usefulness to others, and that they may then pass on from generation to generation with pride.

Why “refurbished” and not “restored?”  To restore something is to bring something back to its original condition.  To refurbish something is to make something clean, fresh and complete (and therefore useful) again. 

Northwest Axe Company tools are great looking, full of American tradition, one of a kind, and completely functional. 

Kelly Standard Fire Axe

Norland Black Hatchet

Cherry Brown

Black Axe

No Name Hatchet