Everything tells a story.  Everything becomes an Artifact. 

Artistry and Development are not born from separate philosophies, both arising from basic human needs to express, to create, and to exist. Though the developer and the artist often operate in separate circles, frequently missing opportunities for fertile and vibrant collaboration where those circles overlap, the Built Environment.  

The story of the developer and the artisan is a story of the physical spaces that we bring into being, of atmosphere, a story of our common civilization in this place, in this time.

The more collaborative the expression of this shared story, this component of our culture, the greater the opportunity to create something new, something unique, and something special. 

Our collective creation eventually becomes our history.  Everything we create, every artifact, becomes our legacy, and our legacy has the capacity to enrich our lives, the lives of those who visit us, and the lives of generations to come.

Artifact takes these concepts to heart and expresses consideration by fostering eclectic built environments inspired by the modern people and ideas of the Pacific Northwest, aimed at the mutual enrichment of the community.   Artifact inspires connections and builds relationships where the development & artistic communities overlap, and ensures that those collaborations are successful through a unique understanding and foresight of the processes, goals and needs of those involved.  Artifact believes in the ability of the collective spirit to far outreach the potential of segregated groups or individuals.

Our clients are a diverse group of individuals and businesses: developers, designers, curators, homeowners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, contractors, and public institutions.   

Together, the mission is to shape, create, and represent the Pacific Northwest experience, to realize the utmost potential of the built environment through a constant and contiguous integration of artistry, craftsmanship and culture that is ever mindful of history, the natural environment, and the lasting impact of our legacy.