I'm a painter deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest and its spectacular wet wilderness. The canvases of Baroque, Romanticist landscape painters, and Surrealists have always inspired me to work areas of depth and light into my paintings with a more traditionally inspired aesthetic, but equally engaging to me are modern non-representational paintings. 

My mode of painting began with and is still informed by a lot of experimentation with intuitive and completely abstracted expressionism. Environment, space, and the strange and sublime beauty within them are my foremost interests. I like to paint visually concrete yet difficult to identify objects, as well as spaces that are tangled up with the flatness and surface qualities of paint. The impetus behind much of my work is a desire to develop a detailed response to the physical beauty of the landscape I have experienced growing up near Seattle: from the quieter parts of the backcountry, to the loudest refuse-clogged street, to the spaces within the human body. 

Summer Storm . oil on canvas . 54 x 40

Unfolding Spark . oil on canvas . 48 x 30

Contained . watercolor and acrylic on paper 

Seed Puppet . watercolor on paper . 11 x 14

Chivalry Happens . watercolor on paper . 11 x 14 (sold)

High Sierras . Oil on Canvas

Nightmare Fillet . watercolor on paper . 11 x 14

Becoming Discrete . watercolor on paper . 11 x 14 (sold)

A Bit Comes Out