Joseph Brooks is a Pacific Northwest Native currently residing in Seattle. A self taught artist who grew up in a middle class, blue collar household in Tacoma, Washington. Materials have always been of interest to Joseph. One can usually find him wandering the aisles of just about every art store in Seattle. It is the process of creating that keeps Joseph making new work. The smell of the paint and the feel of the brush in his hands is deeply engrained in him. Since a young age, he has been a self starter when it comes to the process of making things. Joseph made music for 10 years with his Brother and a friend in the group Life Cycle. He learned how to produce, write, record, and perform music. Painting was never far away though. He continued to work in many mediums including, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and aerosol. With the later, he painted many murals in Seattle, working with the mural group Game Not Fame on many of these projects. He has since focused on smaller pieces showing at galleries and coffee shops alike. He has built a body of work in two distinctly different styles. One based in his world of characters and the other, a strictly non-representational approach to painting. One thing is for sure, you will always find Joseph making work. Joseph actually keeps a piece of paper in his pocket with the saying “There is no time like the present” just to remind him that life is to be lived in the now.

Walter The Whale . acrylic on wood panel . 30 x 30

Bearly . mixed media on wood panel . 9 x 23

Safe Travels . acrylic on wood panel . 18 x 24

In The Woods . acrylic on panel . 24 x 30

Foofaraw II . acrylic on wood panel . 24 x 48

The Whole Gang . acrylic on wood panel . 18 x 24

What? . acrylic on wood panel . 6 x 6 . (sold)