Black Magic - 1977 Pontiac Trans Am - Custom Automotive Paint, Urethane, Aluminum - 1:1 Scale Model Car Kit

Duffyleg’s work is steeped in the influences of American classic car culture, motorcycles, hot rods, and mid-20th century advertising design. Anchored by timeless design principles, Duffyleg makes mixed-media collages which layer fragments of the old, rare, occult, off color, monsters, ghouls, advertisements, underground, lowbrow, custom culture, tattoos, and general weirdness on top of one another in the pursuit of building a contemporary understanding of niche cultures and time periods. 

Migrating from Arizona to the great Northwest, Duffyleg found a home in the skate and snowboard industry. His experiences there influenced his interest in street art, late nights, punk rock, hot rods, the fifties, old advertisements, vulgarity, and more. 

The majority of Duffyleg’s work is a mash up of real found imagery and his own variations on personal inspirations.  

Duffyleg currently resides in Seattle, WA, where he works full time running the creative firm Electric Coffin CS Co. and creating art in his free time.

Turbo Fire Am - 1980 Turbo Trans Am Hood, Automotive Paint, Transferred Collage

Royal Brown - 1977 Trans Am Hood, Transferred Collage, Automotive Paint, Acrylic, Urethane

1977 L/E - 1978 Trans Am Hood, Automotive Paint,  Neon, Urethane

Cocaine Cowboy - 1974 Trans Am Hood, Automotive Paint, Urethane, Acrylic

Super Fats (Carl Hobson) at Summer Nationals . 1977 Camaro Hood, acrylic, one shot, automotive clear